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2019-12-03 06:11

快餐(a quick lunch /or meal、 a snack、 fast food )指预先做好的能够迅速提供顾客食用的饭食,如汉堡包、盒饭等。港台一带或译作速食、即食、便当等。而消费者对快餐的理解是多种多样的,远不止外来语原意所能包容。但无外乎这么几点,即快餐一般由食品工厂生产或大中型餐饮企业加工的,大众化、节时、方便,可以充当主食。快餐最早出现于西方世界,英语称为“quickmeal”或“fastfood”;引入中国之后,中文名称就叫“快餐”,即烹饪好了的、能随时供应的饭食。那么,自助餐厅用英语怎么说呢?





A:All the food smells tasty today and makes my mouth water.A:今天所有的食物闻起来都很香,我都流口水了。B:Let's line up here.This line seems a little shorter.B:我们在这儿排队吧。这一队看起来短些。A:I think so.A:我也这么认为。




A:Bob,look at all those people standing in line.I don't want to go.A:鲍勃,这么多人在排队,我不想去了。B:Come on,Ann.Join in the line and get your meal card ready.See the line is moving fast! Ann,you forgot to take paper napkins.B:哦,别走,安。进来排队吧,拿好就餐卡。队伍移动得很快嘛!安,你忘拿餐巾纸了。




A:What's on the menu today?A:今天的菜单上有什么?B:Fish,beef,pork,chicken,vegetables and beancurd.For staple food we have rice,steamed bread,stuffed buns and noodles.B:有鱼、牛肉、猪肉、鸡肉、青菜和豆腐。主食有米饭、馒头、包子和面条。A:Oh,we're lucky today,aren't we?A:噢,今天我们很幸运,是吗?B:Yes.B:是的。A:I think I'll take fried fish,because fish is one of my favorites.A:我想吃炸鱼,因为鱼是我最喜欢的。B:That's good,we can share what we have.B:那太好了,我们可以一起分享这些菜。




A:Wow,what a variety! It makes my mouth water.A:哇,有这么多菜啊!我真馋死了。B:Tell the man behind the counter what you want,or just point to it.B:告诉柜台后面的服务生你要什么,或者直接用手指也行。A:OK.But I don't know what they are! They all look so nice that I can't decide which to take.A:好的,不过我不知道这都是些什么?看上去都很诱人的,我决定不了究竟要哪些。




A:Please,beef,fish,ham...and this for me.A:请给我牛肉、鱼、火腿……,还有这个。B:I'm sorry,but you can have either a meat or a fish,and a vegetable,as the main course.B:对不起,作为主菜你只能要一份肉或者鱼,另加一份蔬菜。A:Beef and asparagus then.Same for the lady.Can we have more vegetable?A:那就牛肉和芦笋吧。给这位女士同样的东西。我们还可以要一些蔬菜吗?B:Certainly.You can get vegetable salads over there by yourselves,as well as milk,drinks,desserts whatever.B:当然可以。你们可以到那边自己挑选各种蔬菜色拉,还有牛奶、饮料和甜点心等。A:Bob,what kind of salad do you suggest?A:鲍勃,你说哪种色拉好啊?C:Turkey salad.It's my favorite.There're dressings of all flavors here.I like the Italian flavored one,slightly sweet and sour.C:火鸡色拉,这是我最喜欢的。这里有各种口味的调味酱。我喜欢意大利口味的,酸酸甜甜的。




A:Here is a free table.Let's sit down .Help yourself to some fish please.Isn't it delicious and appetizing?A:这里有一张空桌子。我们坐下吧,请吃鱼。难道不好吃?B:I'm sorry I don't like it.It's a little too salty.B:很抱歉我不喜欢。有点咸。A:I see you people from south prefer sweet,don't you?A:我知道你们南方人喜欢吃甜,是吗?B:Yes,I like the fish cooked in sweet and sour sauce best.Try some beef,please.B:对,我喜欢吃糖醋鱼。请吃点牛肉吧。A:Thank you.I'm through with one steamed bread and I'd like a second helping.A:谢谢你。我已吃完一个馒头了,而且我还想吃一个。B:Your appetite is good.B:你的胃口不错。




A:You can take as many as you like.But don't waste anything.You can get seconds anyway.A:想喝多少就拿多少。不过别浪费。吃完了还可以再来拿嘛。B:I'd like to go for a dessert now.The chocolate cake looks quite all right today.B:我现在要去拿一份甜点心,今天的巧克力蛋糕看上去很不错。A:I'd prefer a strawberry pie with whipped cream on it,and a banana.A:我倒喜欢上面有奶油的草莓派,还要一个香蕉。B:You almost have everything in the cafeteria,Bob!B:餐厅里几乎所有的东西你都有了,鲍勃!A:I'm starving!A:我饿坏了!


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